My dear, life-long friend Sonia; we were born at the same hospital within a month of each others and our mothers have known each other since the fifties.  Sonia now lives I Kuwait but it did not stop her lending her support.  She held a lunch at her home and invited friends to pay for the pleasure. In doing so she raised £1,500 for Milli On and On and I hear some wonderful pledges were made to make life richer and happier.

Milli’s dear friends Maia and Hannah held a cake sale in school.  Mirium – Hannah’s mum and my friend makes legendary truffles and named them Milli’s truffles, selling them at the cake sale with pretty pink ribbon, label and fancy wrapping.  Mills would have devoured these truffles, not to mention the pink cupcakes.  She could have written a book on cupcakes and her favorite were from The Hummingbird, but as Milli once commented, their icing is better and The Cupcake Store’s sponge is better.  On one of our cake making sessions we mused that it would be fun to open a cake mix shop, where people would get little bowls and pink serving spoons from which scoop out the mixture and just eat the mix; the best bit!  So, back to reality. The girls managed to raise £400 for GOSH.

Chosen charities: Rays of Sunshine

Link to charity:
Target £5,000
Achieved £5,640

Rays of Sunshine make darker days a little lighter for terminally ill children by making their wishes come true. In the case of Milli, she wanted to go to see the Wizard of Oz in the West End. We were fortunate in that we could have just arranged this but when there is so much else going on emotionally, it is such a relief to have someone do it all for you. We have reached our target for Rays of Sunshine but if this is close to your heart, keep giving.