Mills loved to write poems. She had a special pink embroidered book we found on a tripto Rajasthan. Taking the book from her neat stationery unit, in the corner of her bedroom, she would sit and write. Sometimes there was silence and other times, singing and then she would waltz into the kitchen and announce it was time to hear her latest works. We would sit, trying to keep the smirks off our faces as Mills shared her words with a knowing smile that said, ‘it’s great and I am rather charming, don’t you think?’. Well, it always was and she always was and yet, she constantly surprised us with her depth of inner knowing. She loved poems, music and dance and no matter what the activity, Mills was always in the moment. Something, I have yet to learn and I now listen to Mills message of stillness.


Calm is being still.
Be loving when you are still.
Be joyful when you are still.
Stillness means to be steady.
Stillness means to really think for yourself.
Stillness means to listen to yourself.

written by milli kaushal.

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