Spread Some Happiness

Of the many wonderful fund-raising initiatives, the one closest to my heart is the ‘spread some happiness’ book series.

The invaluable experience I gained through working with Thames & Hudson and my absolute love of inspirational, empowering books, made this a natural fit in my fundraising efforts. The first book is going to be sold in my son’s school this week. Parents get a precious, heartwarming, keepsake and we get to give all profits to our chosen charities, so everyone is happy! I plan to roll a series out nationally, so if you want to get involved with the project in your school, do get in touch.

The first book was produced with work by the boys of Wetherby Prep; my son’s school. In fact, it was my son, who stood up in assembly, along with a very suporative teacher, to encourage the boys to spread happiness. He spoke of losing his sister and how he wanted to continue her goodness living on. He spoke of the value of giving and

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