Little Angels

I know I was privileged to have had ten years with Milli. There are those who are only granted a fleeting moment. My dear younger sister lost her premature baby within a day of his arrival. I cannot know the pain of giving birth, only to be parted without the chance to nature him and know his wondrous personality.

For me the way through grief continues to be, letting it come and go of its own accord and when the time is right, channelling that pain into something bigger than myself. Perhaps it is an escape but it sustains me and we must each do, whatever feels right.

My sister lost her son 9 years ago and has found the deep strength to open her heart and mind and at the same time to honour my nephew, by organising ‘the little angels remembrance service’ for all those in her area, who have endured the loss of a child.

A mother shared the story of losing her daughter 40 years ago, at a time, when the only memory she was able to glimpse was a nurse carrying tinfoil, with a tiny hand poking out of it. Another couple had endured three pregnancies, each ending in premature births and deaths. The service provided a short respite before they returned to be with their fourth newborn; one that would be going home. There was no bitterness or anger here; just strength and beautiful surrender. As the balloons were released over the tiny tombstones, there was joy for the bond that has and always will keep their little angels in their hearts. Thank you my darling sister for making such a day possible.

If you would like to get in touch to attend next years remembrance, please email Madhu at

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