Grow to Learn

Mills taught me we come here to grow, love and ideally, have a lot of fun along the way. My own growth was helped, during difficult times, by reading spiritual books and finding re-assurance in nature’s life cycle. So the two pledges that brought such joy to me personally, were from a friend who pledged to grow herbs in her window box and my niece, who pledged to leave her old books, in random places, for strangers to find and make their own. Life is beautiful and really not that complicated.

Happiness promises

Be inspired by some of the wonderful happiness promises received so far:
What will you do to make a difference?

“I have planted herbs in pots that sit in my kitchen. I call them Milli’s herbs and enjoying watching them grow everyday”.

“Our family of four, will work in a soup kitchen on Christmas Day”.

“I will write to tell those that matter how much I love them and why”.

“as a family we will show daily gratitude with a hug, a word or a token of appreciation for one another”.

“We pledge to grow a pink rose bush in our garden and think of Milli’s giggle as we watch it grow”.

“I promise to put down my mobile when I am with my children”.

“I promise to let mummy and daddy have a long sleep on Saturday Mornings by sleeping in myself”.

“I pledge to hold a fundraising event for Milli On and On for the every year for the next six years”.

“dear Milli, you always said I talked too much, so I promise to have 30 minutes silence, twice a week”.

“I will wear something pink and remember to dance and sing, every Monday”.